Different Types Of Web Hosting Solutions

A website is very useful for any type of business. It is necessary to maintain an online presence because now most people access information through the Internet. It is not only an online business that needs a website, even a brick, and mortar business benefits from it. If you want to promote and market your business to more and more people, you cannot do without a website. Once you have decided to develop your company’s website, you will need a web hosting solution. There are different types of hosting solutions for websites.

Free Web Hosting
It comes with many limitations. You cannot have your own domain name. The hosting company will place advertisements on your website. This solution is not suitable for businesses. It works for individuals who want to host only a few non-interactive web pages.

Shared Web Hosting
It is the most affordable hosting solution for businesses. Its drawback is that you have to share the hosting server with many other users. It works well for a small business. Use it for an information website. Avoid using it for an interactive website. It will affect your business if you need a lot more bandwidth, speed, and space.

VPS Web Hosting
Virtual Private Server hosting is slightly better than shared hosting. It is less expensive compared to the dedicated hosting. You get access to powerful solutions with VPS hosting. It delivers consistent performance and faster response. You can deploy cloud projects. It is a flexible hosting solution because you can install and run your own software programs. You get access to your own instance of the operating system. These advantages make it a good solution when you need a powerful server in the midrange.

Dedicated Web Hosting
It is the ultimate in the hosting solution. It is also the most expensive one. When you need the best server resources, a dedicated hosting solution works best. It is suitable for large businesses that cannot take risk of any downtime. A dedicated hosting solution gives you access to full power of your own server. You do not have to share the server with anyone else. Install any operating system and all types of application programs. You are limited only by the storage space allocated to you. You receive 24/7 technical support service which is necessary if you do not have much experience with the technical aspect of web hosting.

While it is always better to use a dedicated hosting solution, it all depends on your type of business, type of website and budget. You cannot use lower configuration hosting solution for a critical business where any downtime can result in loss of business and profits. At the same time, shared and VPS solutions work perfectly well when you do not need a very powerful server.